Save money and increase efficiency.
Virtualization technology increases efficiency — through faster set-up time, lower hardware costs, and global remote access.

Reduce your IT costs.

In today’s economy, we’re all looking to reduce costs and increase flexibility. IT costs can easily escalate, and that cost can only be covered by passing it onto your customers.  In order to stay competitive, you need to leverage technology to make your business run more efficiently for less money.

Virtualization technology can help you do just that, through faster set-up time for PCs and servers, lower hardware costs, and global remote access. Moving your IT infrastructure to a virtual configuration allows you to consolidate it, letting one physical machine do the work of several and saving your business significant dollars in the IT budget, reducing downtime in the process.

Virtualization works.

Memory, disk space, and software are dynamically allocated on an as-needed basis, letting you use them only when necessary. This reduces your energy use and cost, as well as using the actual hardware infrastructure more cost-effectively. Reconfiguring a virtual server or desktop is much faster than the physical infrastructure, reducing the impact downtime can have on your business.

Let AIE help.

AIE offers a variety of virtualization solutions for desktops, servers, and applications, using virtual technology to help you reduce your bottom line and improve your efficiency.