Our engineers have seen it all. Now you can, too.

AIE offers consulting services designed directly for the CIO of your organization, giving you access to the years of experience our senior engineers have in the IT industry.

You make critical IT decisions that will affect the future of your company’s technology. You’re responsible for steering the network in a direction that will continue to support the business as it grows, allowing for new technologies to be easily integrated.

You need a plan and strategy, and you need the benefit of experience seeing technology work in other businesses and industries.

At a high level, we look to assess your network and help you develop a plan for the future, giving you the tools you need to do your job well. Our senior engineers bring years of consulting and business technology experience to the table, having watched technology decisions play out for countless other organizations.

What does it look like?

AIE’s CIO consulting strategy includes IT maturity modeling and the creation of a roadmap for your infrastructure development, a discussion of what other businesses in your industry are doing as relates to their technology, an assessment of your current IT staff, and a hard look at your overall budget.

·         Creating a roadmap. An outside set of eyes can make all the difference. AIE’s IT maturity modeling services help you assess where your business network is, and create a plan and strategy for moving it forward in the future. Additionally, we help you bridge the gap between the strategy on paper and the network development in real life. AIE helps you determine processes and tools that will help move your business technology forward.

·         Competing in the marketplace. AIE helps you assess how well your business technology is competing, looking at industry best practices, available ERP, CRM and BI applications, and overall technology processes. We combine an in-depth knowledge of your organization with our breadth of experience in the technology marketplace.

·         Assessment of current staffing. In a difficult economy, it’s challenging to maintain the full IT staff you need, and to give them the training they need to do their jobs well. AIE works with CIOs to assess the needs of their current IT staff, offering project management mentoring and training programs.

·         Overall budget. Examining your IT budget is more than just looking at dollar figures. AIE works with you to find places where you can leverage your technology to increase revenues and reduce costs, by choosing the right hardware and software, managing your network more efficiently, and evaluating business processes to increase efficiency.

While these services are specifically targeted at businesses with an in-house CIO, AIE also offers CIO services as part of our staff augmentation program. Our senior engineers are able to take on the CIO responsibilities for businesses without a CIO, either for an interim period or in the long-term.