We go beyond simple maintenance and support.
AIE offers project management services, designing customized IT projects and deploying them with expertise and attention to your budget.

Day-to-day IT needs can be managed with a regular support plan, but some needs require a different approach. AIE offers project management and project implementation services for a wide array of technology needs, including infrastructure development, server deployment, application integration or migration, virtualized network environments, and mobile solutions.

We approach the project with a plan.

We take a traditional, fixed price project management approach to your IT projects. With AIE’s project-based support, you can rest assured that deadlines will be met, budgets will be kept, and what’s been promised will be delivered. We begin by assessing your network to determine exactly what needs to be done and what complications could potentially arise, and we consult with you in developing a reasonable and satisfactory plan.

We do the project the right way.

So much can go wrong in project deployment – overlooking one step can lead to a problem that costs your business significant time and money, and potentially network downtime in the process. Outsourcing your IT project management to AIE gives you the security of knowing the project will be done correctly the first time, and that any issues arising in the process will be handled by experienced engineers.

From helping you cast the vision to the actual project implementation, AIE is ready to deliver. Contact us today.