AIE understands that the server forms the core of your business.
The backbone of your network – the server – requires expertise and knowledge, but it also has to be specialized for your business or organization.

Our engineering staff has the necessary training and skills to build a server unique to you, tailor-made not only to meet your current needs, but to grow with your business. We understand industry requirements, and work with businesses and organizations of all sizes and structures.

Before we even begin the process of deployment, we work with you to determine the best application migration procedures and discuss both cloud and on-premise options with you. Whether your server is in your office complex or in AIE’s secure data center, we offer a variety of options, including AIE Total Care, a leased server plan that includes full server migration and managed services.

Deploying a server is no simple task.

Overlooking one step or making an error in the configuration can lead to a server setup that isn’t compatible with your network. Once the mistake is discovered, it can lead to significant costs to your business, both in time and money to correct it, and also in potential network downtime. You don’t want to discover after the server is deployed that your business applications aren’t compatible with your new network operating systems, or that the technology, hardware, or necessary licenses aren’t properly in place.

With AIE at the helm, your business doesn’t need to worry about these potential mistakes. We discuss the issues, industry requirements, and business applications with you in advance. We use sophisticated project management software to run all of our deployments, so that we can ensure no step is forgotten. Our engineers have the expertise necessary to troubleshoot any issues that arise. We interface with all your business’s third party applications, hardware, and cloud vendors, in order to bring you a smooth deployment.

AIE understands that the server forms the core of your business.

Because the server is so important, it is critical that you eliminate downtime in the migration process, and that your network is designed to enhance your business operations. AIE helps you leverage tools such as SharePoint, hosted Exchange, and Lync to build a system that will help your business run more efficiently. From casting the vision to the actual deployment, AIE is ready to deliver.