How secure is your business’s network?

A security audit helps your business identify potential IT security threats, and develop a plan for defense against them. When performing a security audit, both the potential risks, and the actual damage that may have occurred.

How secure is your business network against invaders? How strong are your policies for network use? What are your procedures for data encryption and back-up? Are your firewalls strong enough?

With security, you simply can’t afford to assume.

AIE recommends that you have an outside IT consulting firm like us walk your business through a security audit every three years.

A security audit should cover both potential and actual risks.

·        Potential risks. When evaluating business security, it’s critical to be proactive. AIE looks at your network and determines where it would be possible for security to be breached, and works with you to develop a plan of action to prevent those security breaches from happening. In this evaluation, we look at your software, hardware, and data, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and determine how probable any risks actually are. We also discuss with you the potential impact a given risk could have on your business, and develop a plan of action to mitigate the risk and prevent any potential breaches from becoming a reality.

·        Actual damage. Particularly during your business’s first security audit, there may be damage that has already been done. In analyzing your network, software, hardware, and data, AIE determines whether there is damage and the extent of it. Then, our engineers work with you to recover from it and put safeguards in place to prevent further complications in the future. While proactively preventing risk is the best way to maintain your business’s security, our engineers are experienced in walking the road of network recovery with you as well.

An AIE security audit also includes careful documentation of the risk assessments, any damage, and the plan of action set in place by our engineers. Contact us to schedule one today!