What works in the business will work in the home.

AIE provides residential IT support for automation, hardware, integration, data structure, and infrastructure/auxiliary needs.

Treat your home technology like business technology – because it is!

At AIE, we believe that what works in the business will work in the home, and we support your residential network with the same efficiency and strategies we bring to the corporation.

  • Home automation. Home automation comes in a variety of different forms – lighting and shade control, climate control, sprinkler and irrigation systems, and even the internet connected sump pump. Not only is AIE the technology company that supports the iControl sump pump, but we also provide automation services for a variety of different home needs, offering set-up and support on the back-end.
  • Hardware. Your home hardware is like you business hardware – you have PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones, and printers. All these devices have to be supported, updated, and maintained. AIE offers managed service contracts, including updating and remote monitoring for all devices.
  • Mobile device integration. Integrating your smart phone to your home network is easier said than done. It requires a stable and secure wireless connection, the synchronization of mobile data, and the set-up of remote management applications for your automation systems. Leave these details to the professionals, and find
  • Data structuring. In the home, you need a network ready to handle secure and critical personal data, such as financial information. AIE can either design and build a network for you, or work with your existing servers to centralize your data and ensure its security. We also offer professional-level data backup and recovery services.
  • Auxiliary services. In the modern home, a wireless network connection is a necessity. AIE’s technicians are certified wireless technology specialists, experienced to handle all of your wireless and low-voltage wiring needs. We also offer home security and surveillance camera solutions, and home theater and other audio/visual needs.

Want to find out more?

Peruse our solutions and services pages; if we can do it in the business, we can do it in the home.