In a world where emails scams are running a muck it’s hard to tell the good from the bad and ugly. What seems like a simple request from your boss, or an application to a job position you posted online, could be a scammer with a virus embedded in it. Now while receiving this email and looking at it will not compromise you some can be so authentic looking, or sent from a compromised users account directly they can contain dangerous links and attachments. Clicking on these links can infect your machine with dangerous cookies and other tracking info, or even worse take you to a website to deceive you into entering your credentials for the hacker to steal. Downloading the attachment and opening is also going to pose a significant and immediate danger to your machine, and your company.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, isn’t that what I pay Microsoft for? Shouldn’t they be delivering advanced spam filtering? Well the answer to this is simply No. Office 365 protection services are a base set of protections, however their SFP records all contain the same format and extension in the key, as well as anyone can sign up for an office account. If someone is smart enough to write a hack into your computer, they are surely good enough to know how to deliver it. Being the most widely used platform, and derived from Exchange on Prem, which has been the most widely used system for about two decades there has been plenty of time for hacker to watch how they were developing exchange, and over the last five years have continued to watch this trend. This makes it easy for a skilled hack to get a phishing email through Microsoft’s spam detection. And that’s just for the out of the box experience. What about the other products that Microsoft Office 365 offers to help protect you? Well besides needing a very skilled engineer like myself to setup and configure they are time consuming to manage and control. And when you have thousands of end users, and hundreds of companies navigating this for each client, and managing can be a real headache. On top of the the licensing you would need gets very costly to get the most protection.

So I recently went in search of something that could give me all the benefits that Office 365 has to offer, but is a more advanced, next-gen email security service. I must have reviewed a dozen products which took forever considering the way in which I review a product and I couldn’t find it. But then an invitation to a summit appeared in my inbox. When all hope was lost, this email directly addressed email security using a product called Hornet Security. What was this Hornet Security product, and why hadn’t I heard of it. Well it turns out that Hornet Security is Europe’s best kept secret! Well the secret is out, and they are breaking into the US market with their amazing product. I gave them a call and in no time at all they had me up and running to start testing their product. After a seamless cut over to their Spam filter I immediately noticed the difference. The spam, the info mail, the junk was poof! magically gone! It was like I had my own assistant finally that had gone in and organized my inbox sorting out all the crap I don’t want to see, and blocking the stuff I don’t need to see. Everything was neatly organized in their filters, and a daily alert I set let me know what was blocked and why. Well what separates this apart from any other product? Hornet Security isn’t just some spam filter, it has redefined what a spam filter is. With a simple outlook plugin, and a gentle daily reminder I dont even remember its there. The spoofed emails have stopped, the phishing attempts have stopped and all I see are the emails I need to see to conduct my job. And that just their base package at an extremely affordable price, as is all their packages.

However, when you have tons of clients security is one of your most important aspects. So I wanted to take this a little further. Well Hornet Security has an Advanced Threat Protection package that has all the bells and whistles. I am able to easily setup archiving, advanced threat protection, signatures, SSL signed emails, and enhanced encryption to help me keep in compliance with the companies we have that have a strict compliance to follow. The SSL signed email allows my clients to know the email has been verified as coming from me, paired with my SFP and DKIM records it gives my clients the piece of mind knowing 3 points of protection are in place. Email encryption keeps my emails safe when I need communications to be secure. And the most important piece of it all, the Advanced Threat protection. This little beauty offers the most important features of all. Providing protection from ransomware, targeted attacks, blended attacks, and more it turns office 365 into a security powerhouse. And best of all, its dashboard is the easiest, and most user friendly dashboard I have ever been on. Hornet Security is the white glove service that Office 365 has been missing, built with German Engineering, and using the latest and greatest technologies I have found it to be the product of the century and will continue to be my first line of defense against any and all threats serving as the gatekeeper of all my Office 365 users. However, should I get a client not on office 365 Hornet security has the ability to tie into any mail service in which the domains DNS records can be controlled.