Nothing more, nothing less.
Our monitoring plan gives you access to the enterprise-level network management software of a managed services plan, but allows you to purchase direct support only when you need it.

Relying on luck when it comes to your IT?

Can you identify the source of IT problems quickly? Do you have to wait for your system to go down before you know there’s a problem? Do you have the information you need to prevent problems?

Are managed IT services contracts too expensive for your business or organization?

Managed services contracts are a great fit for many of our clients, but some organizations still find them to be too cost prohibitive. As a result, these organizations often fall between the cracks at other IT companies, left with paying high prices for IT support only after an outage has caused hours of downtime.

AIE’s monitoring service seeks to provide answers to all these problems, leaving you more in control of your IT than ever before. Pay only 20%-30% of the cost of a typical managed services plan. Find problems before they cause a system outage. Receive reduced rates on our hourly support costs, and you decide when you call us.

What can you expect from AIE Monitoring Services?

  • Workstation monitoring. Detailed, daily scans of all your workstations, including antivirus, backup, critical events, disk health, drive space, hacker checks, scripts, and patching. Receive a report every day on workstation health, and alerts for critical issues.
  • Server and network monitoring. 24/7/365 monitoring on your server, including bandwidth, disk space, event log, network connectivity, performance, and operating system health, plus the same reports as your workstation monitoring. We also check your website to make sure it is functional. Critical events create alerts that you can address or pass on to us. Even the smallest issues are flagged so you can address them before they become a problem.
  • Ticketing software. Trouble tickets are created for each monitoring alert in both our system and your secure client portal. You can choose to address the alerts yourself or pass them on to us — or both, with software optionally allowing seamless updates between our work and yours. A “take-control” feature lets us support you remotely, reducing the need for onsite visits.
  • Management tools. The monitoring plan with AIE includes enterprise-level antivirus and backup software, with cloud backup services in our secure data center. Also included is a fully integrated portal for you to monitor your Office365 or GoogleApps, with access to accounts, mailboxes, and licensing in one location. With streamlined patch management software, you can keep all your workstations automatically up-to-date, with a customized schedule tailored to your needs.

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What should I do next?

Contact our sales team for more information, at 630-936-4045 x2. Once you decide AIE Monitoring Services is the best solution for your business, our onboarding process typically takes less than a week. Contact us today!