Do your job anytime, from anywhere.
Mobility, simply defined, is the ability in the business world to work from a place that isn’t the brick and mortar office.

Whether it be enabling your employees and executives to work from their mobile phone during their commute, or setting up an entire remote office, AIE is here to help you develop the right solution for your business. Our consultants work with you to develop the necessary security for a mobile environment, and optimize your network for compatibility with a variety of platforms.

Mobility is about more than simply accessing e-mail.

Our business clients need real-time access to company files, accounting databases, and CRM software. For some of our clients, this is as simple as synchronizing smart phones and applications with the business network; for other clients, it requires a much more elaborate structure. Whatever the level of complexity, this mobility comes with a set of logistical challenges to the business network.

As more of your employees want to connect their own smart phones, laptops, and tablets to the business network, your mobility solution needs to consider a variety of security issues in your network. AIE navigates these waters with our clients, asking and answering questions about the security and location of company information, the increased risk of exposure to viruses with added devices, and the needed infrastructure to support an increased quantity and variety of devices and platforms.

Whether on the road or working from home, your employees can stay productive, mobile and secure in a changing global environment.