Technology saves lives.

AIE understands HIPAA regulations, and we proactively monitor your systems for security and stability so that you can focus on your patients.

No industry is currently under more stringent government legislation than the medical field.

With HIPAA regulations, the new push to implement EHR and EMRs, and the advent of cloud computing, medical practices have enormous decisions to make, and the weight of your patients’ lives and well-being tomorrow could rest on the IT support chosen today. With sites in multiple locations, and multiple partners in a given practice, you need access to real-time patient records with maximum security.

When it comes to the medical field, AIE is vendor-neutral.

AIE works with whichever EMR/EHR system you choose to implement, choosing to stay vendor-neutral so you can find the system that interfaces best with your particular practice. We know there are a variety of excellent options available, such as MediTouch, NueMD, AllegianceMD, MedEZ, iPatientCare, eClinicalWorks, Kareo, MDConnection, TotalMD, and others. Once an EMR or EHR program is chosen, including AIE as your IT managed services provider can help you cut costs, have a more dependable network, and comply with government regulations.

Cost effective. In the medical world, costs are sky-rocketing, and as healthcare IT becomes more and more complicated, one way to reduce the costs is to invest in a managed services contract. AIE’s managed services allow you to outsource the management of your IT, keeping your network fully updated and running smoothly for a fixed, expected price each month. We also have leased server options available.

Dependable. Your patients lives depend on you, and you depend on your healthcare technology. AIE proactively monitors your network to prevent problems from occurring and increase your system uptime. We work with you to develop a full disaster recovery plan, including redundant backup and cloud resiliency. With AIE at the helm, you know your EMRs and EHRs will be there when you need to access them.

Compliant. With the advent of HIPAA regulations, the security and encryption of your data is more important than ever. AIE is familiar with HIPAA compliance requirements, and develops a system that meets or exceeds them, keeping your data accessible only to those who have the right to see it.