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A vital partner for IT consulting Chicago area businesses depend on. As we know, the world is changing quickly. Organizations need a reliable IT company to remain competitive and help make intelligent technology decisions regarding infrastructure and computer system needs. As such, we go above and beyond, providing insight for the use of any current and future investments.

AIE aligns with you as your outsourced IT department. We look for innovative solutions and support methodologies to keep your business at the forefront of its industry. In short, whether your business requires routine maintenance, security, managed, cloud solutions or more, we have you covered.

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Partner with a Certified IT Consulting Team

As a certified Chicago IT consultant, we’re passionate about technology. However, we also understand that not everyone feels the same. Fortunately, when it comes to IT, we don’t just build solutions, we listen to your needs. As such, our team works with your business to understand the issues and challenges it may be experiencing. We discuss business objectives and end goals while offering expert advice and guidance based entirely around specific needs and budgets. Our desire is to partner with companies who value tech and strategically see it as a means for productivity and profitability. It is our goal to help customers realize the value of a strategic partnership with a company like AIE to help reach the levels of performance they’ve never experienced.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

We bring software, applications, hardware and more, into the digital age, giving you an advantage over competitors.

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Increased Value

With vast consultation options, we find out what solutions are needed, which enable us to build value now and into the future.

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Easily Scalable

We strive to meet the exact needs of each customer, which permits all services to be scaled accordingly.

Extensive IT Consulting for a Complete Online Strategy

Are you in need of proactive guidance for an updated strategy? Have you outgrown your current IT company, or just frustrated with the level of care or professionalism you currently receive? If you’re looking for a vendor located in the metro area serving the greater northern Illinois area who gets you, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • On-call assistance that helps you make the best possible strategic decisions for your business.
  • Alignment across all of your systems, which allows for greater efficiency and collaboration.
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and workarounds, which help increase communication and productivity.
  • Fully scalable options that grow with your business with ever-changing goals.

In short, AIE is committed to the client experience. It is with honesty, integrity and expertise that we serve our customer’s needs to increase productivity, improve efficiency, enhance security and strengthen overall business performance.

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Elevate Business with a Premiere IT Consultant You Can Trust

A simple 10-minute phone call can help determine if we are the right IT company for you. We serve SMB, healthcare facilities, retailers, legal firms, nonprofits, local governments & more. Reach out today!