Regulatory & Infrastructure Solutions

AIE offers comprehensive risk assessment and IT compliance to Chicago-Land businesses. To be compliant, no matter the industry, means to follow certain regulatory & infrastructure rules set forth by the Government. As such, organizations usually need assistance in navigating the complex world of state, federal and international laws, as well as their very own internal procedures and policies.

Every organization, large or small, needs to follow certain government standards and requirements. Depending on the industry, these requirements may include NIST, CIS Top 18, SOX, HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, SOC2 or DFARS, among many others. A business must be able to prove in an audit that it’s adhering to these regulations, and of course, ensure that their entire network is up to par as well. Luckily, AIE helps to make sure customers are set up for success.

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Expert Tools

AIE empowers businesses, across all industries, to maintain a compliant and secure infrastructure. For healthcare and financial organizations, among many others, our team of experts can help your organization address these requirements, as well as state-enforced regulations. We do this by using state-of-the-art software. For example, Rapid Fire Tools, owned by Kaseya, ensures every issue and every risk is detected and fixed. With tools like these, our team ensures the correct procedures are implemented and maintained correctly to protect personal and proprietary information.

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Identify & Assess

With automated data collection and reporting, you can stay in the know and keep up-to-date with ongoing assessments.

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Detect & Protect

Discover network vulnerabilities and catch unauthorized changes & suspicious activity before the hackers beat you to it.

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Prove Yourself

Have the ability to prove your information security and compliance programs are working for an audit.

In-Depth Regulatory & Infrastructure Services

According to the latest research, fewer than one-third of business professionals said they felt that recent progress towards their compliance goals were sufficient. As a result, risk assessment teams spent unnecessary time and resources trying to piece together information in preparation for, or in response to, an audit. It is quite difficult and time-consuming to get all of this information together. That is where we can help. Our solutions enable business owners:

  • The ability to decrease operational costs through savings in labor and increased reimbursement speed and accuracy.
  • To offer a secure digital environment for employees and sensitive medical records, which will help to foster staff and patient confidence.

From risk assessments to pre-audit preparation, AIE offers high-quality solutions to achieve all necessary requirements. Our experienced team can simplify the entire process for all customers.

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Get IT Compliant Before it’s Too Late

Let us perform a readiness assessment to keep your organization on track, and to also give your team the knowledge needed to prioritize concerns. We strive to advance all business initiatives by leveraging industry proven techniques and expert resources.