It’s about laying the foundation for the rest of your technology decisions.
AIE offers cloud, on-premise, and hybrid network solutions, developing the infrastructure that allows your business stability and flexibility.

Your IT infrastructure is more than just wires and cables.

Your servers, wiring, wireless access points, firewalls, routers, switches, and other infrastructure need to be planned well to allow for the quality network you need to run your business. Choose your infrastructure hardware well to allow greater flexibility down the road, leaving room for new technologies as they become available.

AIE offers three types of network solutions:

  • Cloud network. The cloud network solution works well for both large and small businesses. Options for cloud networking include public and private data centers. Cloud networks are often chosen because they are affordable, flexible, and dependable, allowing your business to grow as it needs to, with a stable network that may not require a huge initial investment of capital.
  • On-premise network. The on-premise network is the traditional network based in your company headquarters, with internal, on-site servers hosting your data. There are many benefits to choosing an on-premise network, including the ability to make the most of existing infrastructure, and the ease of complying with security regulations when your data is all on-site.
  • Hybrid network. The increasingly popular hybrid network solution gives you the best of both worlds – migrating some of your data and applications to a cloud based network, while keeping the rest of it on-premise. This solution is ideal if you already have on-premise infrastructure, but want to increase your flexibility and mobility by adding a cloud element to your network.

AIE designs quality local and wide area networks that are secure and reliable, supporting hundreds of users. We start by performing a network assessment of your current network, then consult with you to determine the best type of network for your organization. We plan the entire network with you – everything from which data devices you’ll need, to how the applications and workstations will interface with the server and firewall.