AIE works directly with you to leverage technology in favor of your company’s savings and profit.

The technological landscape changes quickly. To remain competitive, you need expert resources to make intelligent business decisions regarding your IT infrastructure, while keeping change under control for the stability of the organization. At AIE, we go beyond technology for technology’s sake and provide true rationale for the use of any current and future IT investments.

Our History

AIE was founded in 2007 to fill needs in the downtown & Chicagoland market place for quality technology consulting and support.  AIE was built on four core pillars that continue to be the bedrock for who we are today: Compassion, Communication, Competence, Community.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated staff brings experience in both information technology and business, with a passion for creativity and innovation as our company grows. Our varied backgrounds in small business as well as enterprise environments combine to give us the edge to think big for our SMB clients looking to get ahead. With compassion, competence and a teamwork-first attitude as key hiring qualities, AIE can confidently promise our clients quality customer service and technological support.

Our Offerings

AIE brings a unique offering to the technology market place.  We go beyond the average maintenance and support, working directly with you as our client to leverage the right technology for the best interests of your business or organization, allowing you to focus on running your company securely, efficiently and competitively.

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