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Wondering what cloud services are right for your company? It could be you don’t have the capital necessary to invest in the needed software and hardware upgrades, or you have multiple offices or remote workers and need to centralize your data, hardware, and applications.  Or possibly there are legitimate concerns for up-time, security, scaling and performance.  Factoring in the people, technology, budget and process requirements, AIE will work with you to determine the best cloud solution for your business.

Hosting Services

Leading companies rely on cloud services to help remain mobile, flexible and scalable. Easily migrate, build and modernize your organization with computing solutions that are right for your business with AIE’s cloud hosting.

Co-Location Solutions

Improve IT infrastructure security, ensure up-time and enable higher performance by leveraging world-class cloud facilities with AIE. Gain access to enhanced connectivity as you take your next step in cloud transformation.


Turn your ideas into solutions when using the ever-expanding set of cloud services. Meet every challenge as you partner with AIE to help you build, deploy and manage your applications on Microsoft’s global, cloud network.

Cloud Computing Solutions – It Starts with a Strategy

Most businesses are failing to achieve their expected benefits with their cloud services due a lack of understanding how to effectively monitor and govern costs associated with the service, while also having failed to properly align business objectives with effective cloud solutions.

AIE works with our clients to develop a cloud enablement plan that can be leveraged both for short and long-term business interests.  With a functional strategy in place, then your business will reap the rewards that cloud solutions have to offer.

CLoud Services Chicago

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