Complete Virtual Business Solutions

AIE offers enhanced cloud computing services to Chicago area organizations. As we know, technology has revolutionized the way people do business. When used correctly, it can help organizations grow. However, if it’s not utilized efficiently, it can hinder any potential for success. As such, that’s why we focus on a variety of digital solutions that we know can best serve any business across all industries.

Leading companies rely on the cloud to help remain mobile, flexible and scalable. Easily migrate, build and modernize your organization with virtual solutions to best meet your needs. We help architect solutions that fit each company’s unique objectives and goals. With comprehensive configurations, business owners can stretch and scale their technology for future growth and demand.

Cloud Computing Services Chicago, Illinois

The Future is In The Cloud

Perhaps you don’t have the capital to invest in necessary software and hardware. Maybe you have multiple offices or remote workers and want to centralize your data and applications. Factoring in the people, technology, budget and process requirements, AIE will work with you to determine the best digital solutions for your technology network. Our decades of combined experience in the IT industry has been used to transform the operations of SMBs and enterprises across all verticals. With our skills, knowledge and experience, backed by our technical know-how, you can rest assured your systems are in good hands. No longer worry about the complex world of IT because we handle it all for you.

Business Cloud Solutions Chicago

Flexible & Scalable

As business needs change, hardware, software and storage can scale up or down.

cloud services Chicago

Increased Savings

Pay for only what you need with state-of-the-art programs and platforms.

cloud services in Chicago

Improved Collaboration

Employees can communicate and share work easier with 24/7 accessibility.


With our extensive solutions, there is no maintenance to be done on your end. No matter whether you have a traditional server setup or fully cloud-based platform, our team can help you get up and running into the 21st Century. Business leaders will be able to take advantage of all the great things digital platforms have to offer.

  • Affordable, enterprise-level tools that work for organizations of all sizes.
  • Remote access options, so you can be connected from anywhere at any time.
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization that keeps business running at full speed.
  • A multi-layered approach that helps protect vital information and keeps systems compliant.

Moving all operations online is really the only way to keep up with this modern, fast-paced digital world. AIE facilitates seamless, cost-efficient, and quick migration of applications and processes to get you going. With the ability to connect anytime from anywhere, employees can collaborate quickly and easily. This helps boost productivity, which in turn, helps improve your bottom line.

Cloud Computing services Chicago, IL

Elevated Cloud Computing Service

As a trusted partner, we give customers premiere digital solutions that transform the way they do business.