Cisco Meraki Wireless Access

Cisco Meraki is the future of wireless technology.

Cisco Meraki offers the next generation of wireless networking, complete with central cloud management, application control, and high capacity WiFi. AIE staffs Meraki experts – trained in supporting and deploying wireless LAN with Cisco Meraki.

Simple to manage, sophisticated in its capabilities, and secure from intruders, the Cisco Meraki line of wireless technology offers the perfect advantage to your organization. Whether it be the need to manage wireless networks from the cloud, the high-powered analytics, or the ability to establish a BYOD (bring your own device) environment with guest WiFi capability, AIE’s Cisco Meraki engineers are certified and ready to support or deploy your WLAN.

Key features of Cisco Meraki Wireless include:

  • Manage the network from the cloud. The Cisco Meraki line of networking technology is based on the principle that you should be able to managed a multi-site network from anywhere. The wireless access points are no exception — manage campus-wide WiFi deployments, or multi-site networks, all from the same cloud-based portal. Apply policies across the network, to specific users, specific applications, or individual devices. This feature lets you maximize bandwith by prioritizing certain applications or users.
  • BYOD environment. Cisco Meraki highlights the hassle-free BYOD capabilities as one of the key distinctives of their wireless technology. Their Layer 7 client fingerprinting allows a manager to determine which devices are causing the highest impact, applying device specific policies with the click of a button. Additionally with presence analytics, a network manager can determine which WAPs are getting used when, and make decisions accordingly.
  • Security for the enterprise. No WAP would be complete without high security features. Meraki WAPs can be purchased with or without  uilt in firewalls, offering features such as Network Access Control (NAC), and wireless intrusion preventing system (WIPS). Guest WiFi is easily set-up and accessed, complete with a Facebook Login feature, enabling you to gain additional anonymous demographics on the use and security of your network.
  • High Performance Capabilities. With the mesh routing and networking technology native to every Meraki WAP, the access points not hardwired into the LAN act as repeaters, enabling the LAN to extend further and more powerfully, and protecting against the nuisance of a down access point due to switch failures. Experience more uptime and stronger, more consistent signal with this technology.

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