Cisco Meraki firewall support for Chicago metro computer networks. Meraki is built for cloud networking, offering complete cloud managed products, including wireless LAN, switches, and security appliances (firewalls). AIE’s Cisco consulting experts are trained in Meraki network support.

The Cisco Meraki firewall combines strength with the flexibility and ease of use familiar to the next generation of security technology.

Managed, designed for the cloud, including strong VPN and WAN capabilities, complete with application control and content filtering, the Cisco Meraki firewall brings end-point security to a new level. Key features of Cisco Meraki firewall security include:

·   Multi-site cloud managementWorking with the new generation of cloud technology and applying it to firewall security, the Meraki security appliances work from a single cloud-based dashboard. This enables an IT administrator to manage and deploy security settings, updates, and policies from an easy-to-use and seamless central portal. Isolate threats on a per access point basis. Managing multi-site networks remotely has never been this simple.

·   VPN & WAN management. Other firewalls can provision VPNs, but Cisco Meraki does it automatically. Not only is the management of a multi-site network made easier, but the connection is as seamless and strong as if it were hard-wired. Additionally, the built-in WAN optimization engine automatically handles the caching and complex algorithms necessary to allow a WAN to function at peak capacity.

·   Content and application filtering. Cisco Meraki firewalls offer state-of-the-art application and user filtering, all administered from the cloud-based dashboard. Unwanted web applications can be completely blocked for certain users, or even certain times of day. Apps can be prioritized, giving precedence to VoIP with lower bandwidth going to other web services. Segregate these rules by specific groups of users or devices, enabling complete control over what crosses the network.

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