Business Continuity, Manage Risk & Build Resiliency

With more business moving to the cloud, business leaders realize that their current business continuity plan is simply not effective enough. Maintaining protection of data and operations is key, response to internal and external threats is paramount. Taking proper steps today can ensure any future issues won’t have long-lasting, devastating effects on your daily operations.


We provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions to help companies protect, prevent and recover from security incidents. We offer a range of network services to help secure companies and mitigate the risk of emerging cyber threats. Click here to learn more.

Backup/Disaster Recovery

Protecting and maintaining high availability for your company’s infrastructure is paramount in today’s business world. When disaster strikes, AIE offers comprehensive recovery solutions that eliminate business downtime while keeping your data safe.

Endpoint Protection

Zero-day exploits are never planned and extremely disruptive to business productivity. Scalable data security and protection solutions are a must. Leveraging AIE’s solutions allows your business to identify and protect against such threats and assures that your business remains productive.

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity is something every business should consider.   With cyber threats, natural disaster and other unpredictable disruptions, developing a resilient business continuity model mitigates risk and keeps your business operational.

Our business continuity consultants help review your goals and develop a business continuity plan from the ground up – including policy development, business impact analysis, risk assessment, strategy and plan development through to implementation, training and exercising.

Services available include:

  • Lead or assist in the development of all stages of a business continuity program
  • Gap analysis of existing plans
  • Development of crisis management plans
  • Assistance in conducting crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery exercises

AIE’s holistic approach to data protection and business operations enables your business to have an effective and up-to-date business continuity plan.

Contact our business continuity experts for small business, enterprises, healthcare facilities, hospitals, retail stores, law firms, school districts, park districts, hospitality, nonprofit organizations, government & more.

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