Powerful technological tools at your disposal. It’s that simple.
Maximize your productivity with applications for supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, and collaboration.

Knowing you need the tools is simple but integrating them into your network and with each other is not. AIE provides business application integration services, cloud integration, and enterprise resource planning to help your business make the most of the technology you have at your disposal.

When your software and applications are fully integrated and working properly, you can devote your time and resources to running your business, creating value with your core competencies, rather than wasting your time with inadequate systems.

AIE integrates your business applications in three major ways.

  • Cloud integration. Whether you are a medical practice seeking to migrate to a cloud-based EMR, or a non-profit organization managing donor resources, AIE is prepared to see your data safely migrated to the cloud and the new applications fully integrated with the rest of your network.
  • Data integration. With multiple users accessing your business applications at once, the data needs to remain consistent across the network. Your accounting team and executives need access to the same financial records, with real-time data. AIE’s engineers develop a plan to fully integrate your data across users and locations, while still maintaining the necessary security.
  • Process integration. Your applications may need to be linked with other applications to make your workflow processes run smoothly. AIE looks at all of your business applications, including CRM software, financial software, supply chain management, and collaborative applications to ensure that your business processes are running smoothly in relation to each other.