Autotask Certified Consulting Partner


AIE offers consulting services for companies using Autotask, IT business management software that manages service desk, projects, sales, and billing.

An Autotask Certified Consulting Partner is an Autotask customer authorized by Autotask to provide services to other Autotask customers.

An Autotask customer…

AIE has clocked over a thousand hours implementing and managing the build-out of IT support desk and project management through Autotask. Harnessing the power of Autotask, our consulting team has taken AIE to a premier IT services and project management practice, able to make more accurate decisions based on measurable data, meeting utilization goals and achieving desired business growth. As a part of the ongoing development of AIE’s Autotask workflow, AIE has built complex Live Reports for client and internal needs and established processes for integrations with QuickBooks, QuoteWerks, Quosal, Email2Ticket, MAX Remote Management, PassPortal, auto task endpoint management, and ConnectBooster.

… authorized by Autotask…

AIE works directly with Autotask for the implementation of new Autotask clients, and provides professional services to current Autotask clients. As part of AIE’s relationship with Autotask, you’ll find AIE staff at Autotask training sessions throughout Chicago, speaking at Autotask Community Live events, and a part of ongoing webinars to further their own knowledge.

…to provide services to other Autotask customers.

AIE provides a variety of services for Autotask customers, both new and experienced. These services include:

  • Advanced Implementations & Migrations: For new Autotask customers requiring more than a basic implementation, AIE offers advanced, customized assistance in getting the software ready for go-live. We set the schedule around your internal goals, and work with you to set up a system that is scaleable, ready to grow with your organization.
  • The Autotask Deep Dive: For the already implemented Autotask customer, AIE provides onsite intensive consulting. AIE will review your internal processes, workflow, and use of the software, make recommendations, and help you implement them. This offering is perfect for the customer looking to make their system dance rather than drag.
  • Custom Live Reports: AIE specializes in Live Reports, one of the more complex areas of the Autotask software. For AIE, Live Reports have been one of the most transformative aspects of Autotask. Provided with a mock-up from your organization, AIE staff can create custom reports to meet your business needs.
  • Integration and Process Management: One of Autotask’s great strengths is its deep partnership with integrating software. AIE staff offers consulting on the data flow specific to your organization, working with developers and existing integration’s to develop a process that works for you. Some of these integrations include QuoteWerks, QuickBooks, Email2Ticket, PassPortal, ConnectBooster, Microsoft CRM, and Microsoft GP.
  • Outsourced Autotask Champion: Working in tandem with your internal resources, AIE will provide an outsourced Autotask champion. Make the most of our years of Autotask experience by letting us help you on a monthly basis. Your Autotask usage will improve over time, and so will your bottom line.

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