AIE offers immediate support at affordable rates from Cisco CCNA and CCIE experts.

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Cisco products are complex.

Cisco’s products are industry standard. They are known for their speed, their reliability, their scalability, and also for their complexity. Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to implement best practice technology in their network, but are unequipped to deploy and maintain proper configuration of their Cisco products. Many enterprise IT professionals know and understand Cisco to a point, but are unable to complete the more complex aspects of its management. Many IT managed services providers need a company to partner with them and handle the Cisco portion of their IT support offering to their clients.

All of Cisco’s advantages, from adaptability to quality, cannot be implemented without a deep familiarity with a variety of technological environments and platforms, and wide array of experience integrating, deploying, and configuring firewalls, switches, and routers. Critical line of business applications, the reliability of the network, and the security of your data are all at risk, and AIE has the necessary expertise and breadth of experience to help you get the maximum value from you investment in Cisco products — all at an affordable price.

CCIE / CCNA support is now available at a price you can afford.

CCIEs and CCNAs typically work at a large enterprise, and their services aren’t readily accessible to the average small to mid-sized business or managed IT services provider. Even the enterprise without a Cisco expert on staff will struggle to find the support they need. AIE is dedicated to providing accessible CCIE and CCNA support, at an affordable hourly rate. Our Cisco experts are even better than the ones you could hire — because they work every day with a wide range of networks using Cisco, and bring that breadth of experience to your network.

Cisco support is available NOW.

AIE is also one of the few companies to offer immediate Cisco support, available by phone between 8am to 5pm Central Standard Time. When a problem arises, you can’t afford to wait to sign a long-term support contract or to hire a CCIE or CCNA in house. You need help now. AIE has state-of-the-art remote support tools in place to get you the support you need immediately.

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