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Simplify your IT.

Technology changes quickly. To remain competitive, you need expert resources to make intelligent business decisions regarding your IT infrastructure. All this while keeping change under control for the stability of the organization. At AIE, we go beyond technology for technology’s sake and provide an insight for the use of any current and future IT investments.


We are a very mobile company.  We use a lot of Apple products, we use a lot of iPads.  They’ve been able to help us with Mac, they’ve been able to help us with PC.  To be able to have that integrated has been critical for us.  We highly recommend AIE.”

Thank you guys for being a ROCK STAR IT SERVICES PROVIDER.  It has been fun to watch you guys grow!  Thanks again for everything!  Just please remember us little people who trusted you guys before you got so big!!

Network Security is more important than ever these days and we can think of no better company than AIE for referring our IT needs to for relying on our clients’ data. You know they are going to trust and steward that relationship with the highest level of integrity.  We feel strongly that AIE is a great partner.”